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Our IACP Certified Appraisal Services

Diminished Value Appraisals
About UsOur industry recognized appraisal method will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report on the market related Diminished Value (Loss of Value) your vehicle has suffered as a result of an accident that was NOT YOUR FAULT. Due to someone else’s negligence, Tort Law is on Your Side! Your report will break down each category in detail with a full explanation of the reason your vehicle has lost market related value. This report will provide you with the tool (proof) you need to collect what is owed to you! To qualify, the accident must not be your fault, the other parties’ insurance carrier must accept responsibility or you may file the accident under your Uninsured Motorist policy.


You will not be eligible to file a Diminished Value claim in our office if your vehicle has sustained less than $1,500 in damage, if the accident was your fault, or your insurance carrier has picked up the claim under your Comprehensive & Collision portion of your policy. The statute of limitations to file a Diminished Value Claim in Texas is up to two (2) years. Each State has its own statue of limitation regarding property damage but for the most you need to call us ASAP.

Attention Personal Injury & Property Damage Lawyers! If you have a non-insurance related Diminished Value Claim (i.e. breach of contract): Heavy Equipment Engine Failure, Manufacturers Defect Claims, Consumer Protection, etc., please contact us so that we can review your case.


Total Loss Appraisals
If your vehicle was deemed a total loss by the Insurance company and you are not satisfied with their offer, you have the right to invoke the appraisal clause and hire Houston Auto Appraisers in order to determine the actual cash value (ACV) of your vehicle. An IACP certified auto appraiser will go to the location of the vehicle and determine the vehicles pre/post-loss condition and put together our detailed total loss appraisal that will be a certified document with critical evidence needed to support your claim. Should the two appraisal companies not come to a mutual agreement on the fair market value of your vehicle, an umpire will have to be selected and his or her final decision is binding. In most cases, we rarely need the assistance of an umpire. The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers maintains a list of qualified Umpires. See www.BOCAA.org.


Loss of Vehicle Use / Business Interruption Claims  / Loss of Equipment Use – Rental Reimbursement Insurance Claims
Loss of Use refers to an element of compensation demanded by a claimant as part of their damages stated in a lawsuit or insurance claim. Loss of use may refer to the inability to use a vehicle, motorhome travel trailer, commercial truck, heavy equipment, manufacturers defect, living quarters, or business facility due to damage caused by the negligence or other wrongdoing of another party. In the case of a vehicle damaged in a collision, loss of use would be the amount claimed for the RENTAL VALUE of another automobile times the number of days required for repairs or returned. The period of loss must be "reasonable," meaning the damages will be limited to a period in which a person would normally and promptly proceed to have the vehicle repaired. A claimant does not have to actually rent another vehicle, RV, commercial equipment or business facility in order to recover loss of use. A claimant may opt to just receiving a settlement check for the entire loss of use calculated. Our industry recognized IACP Certified Loss of Use reports are accepted by a Court of Law and are used in Federal, Civil and Criminal court trials where a true and reasonable Loss of Use monetary value must be established.


Credit Union & Bank Loan Auto Appraisals

Banks & Credit Unions are now requiring an IACP Certified Auto Appraisal prior to financing certain classic vehicles, customized vehicles & trucks, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, travel trailers, 5thwheels and motorcycles when they do not show up on the National Appraisal Guides, J.D. Power, N.A.D.A., Kelly Blue Book, or Black Book. Our IACP Certified Auto Appraisal will document the vehicles current condition, include photos, and the appraisers. Some of the credit unions we assist include but not limited to Navy Federal Credit Union, Andrews Federal Credit Union, Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, Firefighters First Credit Union, Washington State Federal Credit Union and many more.


Umpire Services – Total Loss Appraisal Clause ACV Dispute
Houston Auto Appraisers is retained by mutual agreement between both appraisers or by court-order when an Actual Cash Value (ACV) cannot be reached between the two appraisers involved in a total loss valuation dispute. The insurance company will hire their own independent certified auto appraiser to determine the value of the vehicle at the time of loss and you have the right to obtain your own IACP Certified® Auto Appraiser to determine the value of the loss on your behalf. Our umpires are fair, unbiased, disinterested, and have settled over 200,000+ total loss automobile claims involving all major insurance carriers when either party invokes their rights to the appraisal clause. If you are an attorney and the court has requested that you find an Umpire to settle the total loss claim per the provisions of the automobile policy, give Houston Auto Appraisers a call at 1-877-845-2368.

Court Expert Witness / Consultant

Houston Auto Appraisers prides itself as a knowledgeable and experienced expert in everything associated with the automotive world. We thoroughly research and prepare our cases when called upon to give Expert Witness testimony. We have served many law firms whose clients were involved with dissolution, probate, bankruptcy and diminution of value. Our expert witness fees may vary but our standard rate is $750.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum plus travel expenses.


Toxic Chemical & Contaminant Release on Nearby Vehicles

Days later, when a nearby plant accidently releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, you may notice some new little brown spots of corrosion or high adhesion surface defects that have permanently attached itself to substrate of your vehicles paint, fiberglass, windshield, or sheet metal. Scaping it off painted areas with your fingernail may damage the paint. Nearby Die cast plants, Chemical plants, Plastic plants, Tire Plants, Concrete plants, Refineries and General Contractors use or process toxic chemicals that must be properly contained within the appropriate tanks, pipes, and pressure vessels during normal operation. The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) explains both the risks that are associated with these products, as well as the measures that should be taken to avoid the risks. Once an explosion occurs and toxics are combined with other toxics, the chemical reaction results are unknown. These unknown toxins will diminish the value of your vehicle if repairs are not done fast enough to remove these contaminants from your vehicle. If the contaminants are serious enough such as a biohazard, your vehicle may be deemed a total loss.  Should your vehicle be involved in an Industrial, Chemical, or Toxic release and you are not sure if you have a valid claim, give us a call to discuss the details.

Insurance Policy Appraisals
For Classic Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Motorhomes. If you wish to have a Stated Value Policy, the Insurance Company will require that you hire Houston Auto Appraisers in order to inspect the condition of your vehicle and put together an IACP certified auto appraisal for the Stated Value of your vehicle. We will send out an IACP certified auto appraiser to the location of your vehicle so that you don’t have to come to us.


Denied, Delayed, or Underpaid Insurance Claims – Houston Auto Appraisers

The truth is the insurance company has the right to deny your claim based on the information you provided, inconsistencies with your recorded statements, or on the grounds that you are being mistrustful. When your claim is delayed or underpaid, it may take up to several months before you get a solid response. In the event your vehicle is still drivable after your car accident, it’s possible that an insurance adjuster may show up to your office and take pictures of your vehicles damages, go back to their vehicle to print you a damage repair estimate and print you a check for the damages reflected on their repair bill right there on the spot. Although this may seem fair at first, you may discover that the insurance adjuster missed a few parts that needed to be on the repair bill, which always leads to an underpaid claim. In the event you have become educated as to what has just happened, your insurance claim may be delayed due to the influx of new claims being handled by the insurance adjuster. Our team of IACP Certified Auto Appraisers & Expert Witnesses knows what it takes to assist you with your denied, delayed or underpaid claim.

Standard Presumptive Value Appraisals
Did you purchase a used auto from an individual, friend, co-worker or private party other than a licensed used car dealer and the local tax office wants you to pay the full price on their highest value?


If you purchased the vehicle for less than the standard presumptive value (SPV) as appraised by the State Comptroller, you must hire a Houston Auto Appraisers licensed insurance adjuster in order to save you money on the taxed amount or pay full price - bottom-line. The certified appraisal MUST be obtained within 20 working days of the date of your purchase. Call Houston Auto Appraisers and let us appraise your auto, commercial vehicle, trailer, motorcycle, or classic car in order to meet the requirements per Section 152.0412, Tax Code and 34 T.A.C. § 3.79 by The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Used Motor Vehicle Appraisal Form. If the vehicle was given to you as a gift, you may be eligible for the $10 gift taxation. County Tax Assessor-Collector.


Odometer Fraud – Title 49 U.S.C., Chapter 327
If you purchased a used motor vehicle and later found out that the vehicles odometer had either been replaced or rolled back and this information was not properly represented to you at the time of sale, then you may have a legitimate cause of action against the individual or licensed motor vehicle dealer who sold you the used vehicle. The Department of Transportation makes it mandatory that a vehicle that has had any possible odometer tampering or title discrepancies to be properly addressed between the buyer and seller at time of sale. Selling a vehicle and not disclosing the title history is a fraud and crime. Title 49 U.S.C., Chapter 327 finds that buyers of motor vehicles rely heavily on the odometer reading as an index of the condition and value of a vehicle, buyers are entitled to rely on the odometer reading as an accurate indication of the mileage of the vehicle. An accurate indication of the mileage assists a buyer in deciding on the safety and reliability of the vehicle and provides safeguards to protect purchasers in the sale of motor vehicles with altered or reset odometers.


Title 49 U.S.C., Chapter 327 clearly states that a person may not - advertise for sale, sell, use, install, or have installed, a device that makes an odometer of a motor vehicle register a mileage different from the mileage the vehicle was driven, as registered by the odometer within the designed tolerance of the manufacturer of the odometer; disconnect, reset, alter, or have disconnected, reset, or altered, an odometer of a motor vehicle intending to change the mileage registered by the odometer; with intent to defraud, operate a motor vehicle on a street, road, or highway if the person knows that the odometer of the vehicle is disconnected or not operating; or conspire to violate this section or section 32704 or 32705 of this title.


Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. says that you must be aware that odometer fraud cases are on the rise and can still be relatively hard to prove and you may very well lose your case or settle for less even with factual evidence such as a Motor Vehicle Title History VTR-298 if the Defendants Attorney has ties with the presiding Judge or the Car Dealership you are after for rolling back the odometer.


Typical ways to roll back an odometer vary, but the following have been documented through Houston Auto Appraisers RED FLAG PROGRAM which include: Counterfeit titles submitted to obtain a Texas title, Mechanics Liens used to wash out a lienholder, Fraudulent or multiple applications for Certified Copy of Title, Fraudulent lien releases, removal of branded titles such as “Salvage” or “Not Actual Mileage”, out of State Titles, and removing the odometer and replacing it with a used odometer from a different vehicle.


If you are a victim of fraudulent odometer tampering, Call Houston Auto Appraisers immediately at 1-877-845-2368 or visit our website www.HoustonAutoAppraisers.com . We are a Licensed Motor Vehicle Title Service - License# 83486. You may be currently suffering significant economic damages resulting from unanticipated repairs and maintenance costs, lost time, inflated taxes, increased finance charges, increased insurance costs, and vehicle safety. Houston Auto Appraisers is dedicated to assist our community STOP ODOMETER FRAUD!

Body Shop Repair Negligence / Repair Facility Fraud / Overlooked Damages

Did you take your vehicle to a body shop for repairs and upon completion you find that the repairs made to your vehicle are substandard and not back to manufactures specification?
Is the body shop manager giving you a hard time in regards to correcting their substandard repairs? Did the shop miss something that was supposed to be repaired and the body shop and insurance adjuster still refuses to repair it?

WE CAN HELP! Let us put together our IACP Certified Breach of Contract Report documenting the repair facilities negligence and see how fast the problem or potential problems get solved or escalates. Body shops and insurance adjusters overlook things all the time that need to be repaired; or will even be quick to tell you that issue of concern was pre-existing or not part of the accident. Our expert witnesses will testify in court on your behalf if a claim of BAD FAITH or the DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICE ACT has been breached and is actionable. Give Houston Auto Appraisers a call today and let us review your concerns in full detail.

CAUTION: If you think you are friends with your repair shop, think again! It only takes one time for them to seriously disappoint you. Never try to save money by keeping your deductible. Just pay it! By you keeping your deductible, it will give the repair facility an upper hand advantage of reminding you that you did not pay your deductible, leaving you standing there alone and in an awkward position should you demand that your vehicle be properly repaired.
Be smart! Always get a receipt or suffer the consequences that come what may.

Social Security Income Auto Appraisals
Are you or an elderly loved one applying for Social Security Benefits including Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, Retirement, Disability or Survivors Benefits, and as part of the application process, you must obtain and provide them with a certified auto appraisal of the actual cash value of your vehicle? Call Houston Auto Appraisers at 1-877-845-2368 and let us send out one of our IACP Certified Auto Appraisers to the location of your vehicle and provide you with an IACP Certified Actual Cash Value of your vehicle as required by the United States Social Security Administration. The auto appraisal process normally takes approximately 3-5 days for completion. Same day service available.


IRS Tax Form 8283 / Noncash Charitable Contributions
If you claimed a total deduction of over US $500.00 for all contributed property for the tax year to your favorite charity, nonprofit organization, church, etc., the tax payer must complete and attach to your tax return IRS Form 8283. If any single or group of similar gifts is valued at over US $5,000.00, you must contact Houston Auto Appraisers to complete Part I & III; Declaration of Appraiser form 8283.


Bonded Title Appraisals
Did you purchase a vehicle from an individual and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says you do not have proper evidence of ownership? Houston Auto Appraisers can assist you through the THREE required steps: Determining Your Eligibility, Locating a surety bonding company, and Applying for the bonded title. You will need the following forms including VTR-130-SOF, VTR-270, VTR-275, Form -130 and either a bill of sale from the person you bought the car from or some form of supporting evidence of ownership. The normal procedure takes approximately 30 days before your title is mailed to the address provided to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can find a NADA value, an appraisal in not required.


Motor Carrier Title, Registration & Licensing – Application Assistance
Do you have one or more commercial vehicles and trailers that need to obtain a USDOT number registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration? Do you need to complete the registration process for Motor Carrier Registration (Operating Authority)? Do you need to register as an Interstate Motor Carrier? All motor carriers that are required to have a Texas motor carrier registration must have a TxDOT number in addition to a USDOT number, proof of liability insurance, and belong to an approved drug & alcohol testing consortium. Failure to provide one or more of the required steps will cause your application to be rejected. If you are having problems with completing your Motor Carrier Registration (Operating Authority) or Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) give Houston Auto Appraisers a call at 1-877-845-2368 and let us help you get in compliance with the FMCSA, TxDOT, TxDPS, and TxDMV today.

Houston Auto Appraisers Commercial Vehicle Title & Registration Division has assisted numerous business owners with their commercial vehicle auto title licensing and legalization requirements including completing and submitting the Original Texas Motor Carrier Application (form 1899) and (form 1900), Intrastate and Interstate licensing, Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium, Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations, State Registration Stickers, License Plates (Apportioned and Token Trailer Plates), TxIRP,International Carrier Registration, United States - Mexico International Border Based Motor Carrier legalization, and surety bonds for bonded title


If you have any type of auto title and registration problems on your Tractor (Power Unit), Heavy Duty, Medium Duty, Light Duty Trucks, Passenger Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cargo Trucks, Conventional Day Cabs, Sleepers, Refrigerated Trucks, Wrecker Tow Trucks, Service Trucks, Utility Trucks or Token Trailers, give Houston Auto Appraisers a call at 1-877-845-2368 to help you get your vehicle registered today.

Lost Title Appraisals
If you have misplaced the title to a vehicle The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has steps in place in order to obtain a Certified Copy of the Title. Should you find yourself needing assistance in obtaining the lost title it is recommended that you contact Houston Auto Appraisers and have them perform the process for you. The process normally takes approximately 45 days to complete before the certified title is mailed to the address you provided to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


Car Dealer Fraud
Texas law rounds up and hangs those companies that were under investigation and have been found guilty of defrauding its citizens by means of Deceptive Trade Practices. Undisclosed damage claims including prior auto accidents, flood damage, odometer fraud, prior lemon law claims, total loss and salvaged title nondisclosures are on the rise and Houston Auto Appraisers has helped numerous automotive consumers settle these fraudulent cases against these crooked dealers resulting in high punitive damage rewards. If you feel your auto deal was Done in BAD FAITH, give us a call so that we can review your case with you. Houston Auto Appraisers endeavors to assist our community STOP car dealer fraud!


Small Claims Court Assistance
Filing a lawsuit in small claims court is a highly cost-effective strategy for resolving various kinds of disputes with a dollar amount up to $10,000.00 (Statutes: Texas Government Code, Title 2, Subtitle A, Ch. 28, Sections 001-055; Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Part V, Rules of Practice for Justice Courts, Rules 523 through 591.) in the State of Texas.


Let us determine if you have a good case so that we can put together the required documentation necessary in assisting you win against the defendant. We never recommend you trying to pursue a claim by yourself due to potential lack of experience or the defendants’ preparation of their supporting documentation. Our staff enjoys the rush of winning each case accredited by Houston Auto Appraisers strict research and documentation requirements. Let us compile your burden of proof in our certified report. Our rule of thumb; When in doubt, sue all possible defendants!


Texas Lemon Law Assistance
If your new vehicle has a substantial defect that cannot be repaired after repeated attempts or 30 days of service, you have a right to a refund or replacement vehicle from the manufacturer if you notify them of the problem and submit to an arbitration hearing. Houston Auto Appraisers assists every auto consumer by protecting and enforcing your lemon law rights! The Department of Motor Vehicles frowns on manufacturers who place dangerous autos on their public roads and highways. We have assisted our clients in winning numerous claims in their favor. Should your car not qualify due to ineligibility requirements, then remember the lesson learned and share the experience with your children.


Mechanics Liens
Many large dealerships and independent shops have been faced by a customer that dropped off their vehicle for repairs then never showed back up due to financial troubles leaving the shops available funds tied up. They may even write you a hot check and take the car with them. This sometimes could be the straw that broke the camel’s back causing a series of other negative domino reactions. Violence is not the answer! Hire Houston Auto Appraisers to begin your mechanic’s lien process. The mechanic’s lien process normally takes 45 days dependent upon each situation. We know what it takes to assist you in rapidly recovering from your losses.


Collision Estimates / Property Damage
Are you a concerned insurance company, attorney, or individual that needs a fast and accurate estimate of the claimants’ collision damages and cost to repair or total the vehicle? Our trained estimators will go to the location of the vehicle and create an official estimate using our collision estimating software Web-Est (A Mitchell International Repair Database) that will include the description, part number, body and paint labor rates and clear photos of the areas needing repair. The estimate will give you the exact dollar amount including applicable sales taxes so that you will know what to expect. Houston Auto Appraisers has the fastest turnaround policy of 3 days or less with most estimates completed and e-mailed by the next day. We pride ourselves on reducing the number of supplement re-inspections. Call us or visit www.BOCAA.org (The Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers) to locate an Estimator or Appraiser in your local area. Our IACP Certified Auto Appraisers / Estimators are located nationwide and are ready each day to serve your claims department or collision estimating needs.


Auto Accident Reconstruction
Are you a concerned insurance company, personal injury attorney, property damage attorney, or government agency needing a professional auto-accident investigator to prepare a reconstruction of an auto accident to assist with your litigation? Our professional reconstruction specialists will gather all required documentation to accurately recreate the accident scene. Evidence provided by/to the attorney should include photographs of accident scene, the exact location of point of impact, photos of the damaged vehicle, and eyewitness testimony. Our reports have assisted clients win numerous lawsuits throughout the United States.


Automobile GPS Navigation, Infotainment & Telematics Forensic Investigations
Houston Auto Appraisers Vehicle Systems Forensics Division can identify, access, acquire, and analyze most MY 2012 and newer crashed vehicles GPS Navigation, Infotainment & Telematics Systems to determine recent and historical data, recent routes traveled, vehicle location data, vehicle crash events, Android Auto, Google Maps, phone call logs, SMS Texting, Emails, Bluetooth Devices, Timestamps, Pictures, Media, last connected devices and more. GPS Navigation, Infotainment Systems and Crash Data Retrieval of a crashed vehicles Event Data Recorder (EDR) are invaluable technologies and resources that are available for use in many situations and must be considered as part of a thorough investigation. Our automotive forensics expert witnesses can assist with depositions, automobile arbitration hearings, and trial court testimony when needed. Give Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. and his team of automobile forensics experts a call to discuss your case.


SIU – Special Investigation Unit & Insurance Fraud Investigation Services
Houston Auto Appraisers Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has a team of professionally licensed private investigators, insurance claims adjusters, and IACP certified auto appraisers who specialize in insurance defense investigation and litigation assistance claims on Cargo Thefts, Heavy Equipment claims, Fishing Boats & Luxury Yachts claims, Large Loss claims, Commercial Business claims, Insurance Fraud claims, SIU claims, and more. Our SIU team leader will conduct appropriate field visits, conduct policy holder and or / voluntary lay witness interviews, record or videotape relevant conversations, and document written witness statements of all parties of interest to the insurance company, attorney, or appropriate law enforcement agency.

IACP Certified® Crash Data Retrieval - CDR Services / Insurance Fraud Investigations:
The CDR LII Technicians and Analysts at Houston Auto Appraisers can provide you with our IACP Certified® Crash Data Retrieval imaging services on most foreign and domestic passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, and SUV’s. We can travel to your location anywhere in the United States, Hawaii, Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

We are exclusively retained by Insurance Companies, Personal Injury Attorneys, Criminal Defense Lawyers, Judges of the Courts, Insurance Fraud Investigators, Police Departments, FBI, Law Enforcement Agencies, Detectives, Crime Scene Investigators, Fleet Managers, Automakers, and clients with PRE-CRASH, CRASH, and POST-CRASH data retrieved from a subject vehicle leading up to a collision with detailed information measured in milliseconds: -5sec…, -4sec…, -3sec, -2sec…, -1sec.., BANG!

Not long, but enough to injure and kill – or turn worlds upside down.
The facts are to determine if there was an airbag deployment event and If the airbag did not deploy, a non-deployment event – (“wakeup call”), number of passengers, vehicle pre-crash speed, acceleration, braking, speeding, stopped, parked, engine turned on/off, seatbelts buckled, attempted avoidance maneuver, driver behavior, order of impact, and impact severity – delta V, to prove up claims of sideswipes, roadside departures, forward impacts, frontal collisions, rear-end impacts, vehicle underride, rollover accidents, turn into path, turn across path, running a red light, running a stop sign, head-on collision, T-bone crashes, side impacts, low-speed and high-speed collisions, multiple-vehicle collisions, hit & runs, staged auto accidents, and phantom ghosts claims.

Event Data Recorder Retrieval – EDR for Criminal Defense Lawyers / District Attorneys / Police and Law Enforcement Agencies:

Houston Auto Appraisers automobile event data recorder retrieval services are admissible in Federal, Criminal, Civil, Justice of the Peace, and Small Claims Courts. Our experts have 20+ years’ experience providing court expert witness testimony at trials, depositions, and mediations. The imaged data retrieved from a vehicles airbag control module – Black box, of a suspect facing felony charges or civil litigation have been used to convict or exonerate defendants. Judges, Prosecutors, Trial Lawyers, and Juries have complimented that the expert witness testimony and crash data retrieval reports we provide at trial are understandable, easy to follow and reliable without too much question; leading up to verdict.

You can also have the Airbag Control Module – (ACM) removed and sent to us via overnight mail so that we can image the stored crash data and promptly return the module along with our IACP Certified® Crash Data Retrieval report in efforts to promptly assist with the fact-finding discovery of your case. Houston Auto Appraisers specializes in imaging data from various airbag manufacturers including: Takata Airbag Control Modules, ZF TRW Airbag Control Modules, Autoliv Inc. Airbag Control Modules, Daicel Corp Airbag Control Modules, and Nippon Kayaku Airbag Control Modules. Please call Houston Auto Appraisers independent CDR testing facility and speak with Roy Theophilus Bent, Jr. at 1-877-845-2368 prior to sending.

Classic Car Appraisals
Our bumper to bumper 90 point inspection process will evaluate the body, structure, frame, interior, electrical, and mechanical components of your Classic Car. We will then provide a complete valuation of your vehicle based on the Fair Market Value and NADA.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Did you see a car you want to buy on an e-bay auction, dealer website, or new or used car lot? Before you buy your next automobile, have an independent inspection completed by one of our IACP certified auto appraisers. Most car dealers are reputable, but for the most part, they will take advantage of you with the “as is sale” clause over the value of the customer which leads to your vulnerability of not making an informed buying decision. It could even put you in debt as being your only source of transportation. Our buyer’s services division will perform a full inspection of your prospective vehicle and inform you of the vehicles condition and mechanical integrity. Smiling faces tell lies! So be informed before you buy. Buy Smart!

Estate Appraisals
For Bankruptcy, Divorces or Estate Sales, many legal professionals especially Family Law Attorneys, Probate Lawyers, Estate Attorneys, Bankruptcy Attorneys, and Tax Attorneys depend on our IACP certified appraisals to help them establish the true market value of their client’s assets in a court ordered legal case. Our appraisals are recognized nationwide in Federal, State, Probate, Surrogate, Civil, and Small claims courts. Our client’s successful outcomes are credited to our fast, accurate and pertinent legal documentation skills. Let Houston Auto Appraisers assist your legal department with our certified IACP appraisals today!

Construction and Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Description: Description: Traactor Trailer Click here for Industrial, Construction & Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Description: Description: Traactor Trailer Click here for Tractor Trailer and Equipment Appraisals

Recreational Vehicle Appraisals

Description: Description: Traactor Trailer Click here for Recreational Vehicles, Motor Homes, Travel Trailer Appraisals

Real Estate Appraisals and Insurance Claims Assistance

Description: Description: Traactor Trailer Real Estate Appraisals and Insurance Claims Assistance


Desktop Appraisal Report
A desktop appraisal report is typically used to determine value without the expense of an on-site inspection and detailed analysis of the condition of the machinery or equipment. You send us pictures and a brief description of the auto, machinery or equipment and we provide a value based on this information.


Lease Turn-in Inspections
Did you lease a new car and your lease is either up, you’re turning the car in early or the dealer is overcharging you based on their so called inspection. Contact Houston Auto Appraisers to assist you with our certified lease turn-in inspection services. Many leasing companies have depended on our inspections to assist them or their clients in resolving many disputes fairly.


Floor Plan Appraisals & Inspection Services
Business lenders occasionally need to perform physical inspections of the assets on the businesses to which they lend, and this may need to occur on a yearly basis. Houston Auto Appraisers offers inventory inspection services to all their clients, especially large lending institutions to meet the ever changing regulations in their industry and federal government requirements. Services span from a one-time data collection service to an ongoing yearly service contract. Services can incorporate barcoding, software implementation and spreadsheets with detailed information for an easy to use and adjustable platform.


Arbitration / Mediation Services
Binding arbitration is the practice of settling vehicle value disputes with a Neutral Judge, Arbitrator, Referee or Umpire. Most vehicle insurance policies call for arbitration as the final step in the appraisal clause to eliminate having to go to civil court. If the two opposing parties cannot agree on a Fair Market Value of the subject vehicle through negotiations, arbitration is normally advised. Arbitrations can be very time consuming and usually can take anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on schedules. Houston Auto Appraisers arbitration fees may vary, but the standard expenses range from $500-$2,500 based on the complexity of the case and Judge, Arbitrator, Referee or Umpire used.


Pre-Warranty Inspections
Our pre-warranty inspections are designed to give the warranty company pertinent information of the vehicles current condition including mechanical, powertrain, electrical, cooling, and other related systems that may have any pre-existing conditions that would disqualify the vehicle from being written a Vehicle Service Contract.

The professionals at Houston Auto Appraisers have over 50 years of experience in the automobile appraisal, bidding, fleet management services, crawled all over the body shop repair floor, and have expert knowledge of frame and structural damage repairs, mechanical and electrical repairs, OEM vs. aftermarket parts, paint and auto valuations.


All independent appraisers are certified in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisers Practice (USPAP) and have successfully passed the accrediting Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers - Independent Appraiser Certification Program (IACP).


Our associates include: National Automobile Dealer Association Members, ICAR Gold Class Body Repair Shops, ASE Certified Mechanics, AWS / CWI Certified Welding Inspectors, Licensed Insurance Adjusters, Estimators and Independent Certified Auto Appraisers as recognized by the Bureau of Certified Auto Appraisers. www.bocaa.org


Our appraisals follow strict Bureau of Certified Auto Appraiser's guidelines, Service Integrity, First Class Workmanship, codes of ethics, and standards & methodology as outlined by USPAP and Houston Auto Appraisers Quality Control Inspection Program.